The Best Anti-Virus

protect-152531_640Time and time again, my customers ask me what i think is the best anti-virus program.  My answer to this is the one between your ears.  Anti-Virus programs do protect you from viruses, but they come at a heavy cost.  First, they all slow your computer down by as much as 50%.  Second, most of them can cost as much as $70 per year.  Which after several years ads up to the point that you would be money ahead if you just paid to get the virus removed.  Finally, some antivirus programs can actually cause more trouble than they solve because they interfere with the system when you are installing new things on your computer such as printers and tax programs.  I’ve actually had completely re-install windows after an antivirus interfered with the installation of a program.

If you want to prevent viruses, the first thing you can do, is don’t download attachments from email.  Many attachments come with viruses and they are great at tricking you into installing them.  You should also use google for search instead of yahoo.  The final thing you can do is to not click on advertisements on the internet.  These can often come from anyone and they are not safe most of the time.

Now you may be thinking, that I’m saying don’t get an antivirus.  That’s actually not the case.  If you feel like you want an anti-Virus I would recommend AVG.  It’s great because it doesn’t slow your computer down to bad.  And best of all, it’s free!